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Having completed this element you should now:

understand the aspirations and principles underpinning social system design (SSD)

appreciate how the ethics of SSD could match those of your social enterprise

appreciate how techniques from SSD could help your enterprise define its future path

become familiar with a basic SSD methodology to help with this

be equipped to incorporate these ideas into practice

I hope that you will try to champion the use of these ideas in your social enterprise. You may download this element in .pdf format and a Word version of the example documents and templates. If you use this material please acknowledge its source.

If you have found this element interesting and need any further advice then please feel free to contact the author

Recommended Further Reading. The on-line book Guiding Our Evolution: If we don't do it who will? by Banathy and Rowland (2004) available at as document 18384645 and also available here