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Stage 2 - Developing the Declaration

There are two possible routes from here:

(a) use a draft declaration as starting point and then modify to suit, or

(b) develop a declaration more or less from the beginning

Modification Route: To decide whether to adapt either the ISI Declaration or the

NHS Trust Training Centre Team Declaration ask yourselves:

Does this draft declaration capture the key issues in terms of the areas of commitment - compassion, diversity, development, and excellence - which ought to be addressed?

Would these be the right areas of commitment for our context? What other areas, if any, might need to be addressed?

Are there any points within the document, including the introductory statement and concluding statement, which we would like to delete, re-express, or add?

Is the language appropriate?

These questions can be triggers for conversations and workshops with colleagues. Everything is up for debate, and it is expected that the wording and style of the declaration will evolve until a version emerges which is acceptable to al.

New Start: If colleagues do not find the draft declaration a useful starting point, use this blank template and develop one from scratch.