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Stage 3 - Incorporation: Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

This should be worked on in largish groups or as a whole community. Meaning will now be added to the ideals within the declaration, and to how interdependence is interpreted by the group. There are two possible approaches:

(a) use a draft as a starting point and then modify it, or

(b) develop a Bill more or less from the beginning

Modification Route: To decide whether to adopt or adapt the example Bill provided here, ask yourselves:

Do 'areas of freedoms' adequately reflect our declaration of interdependence? Should some 'areas of freedom' be deleted, some re-defined or new ones added?

Are the individual rights and responsibilities within the areas sufficient and adequately expressed?

A New Start: If colleagues do not find the draft Bill of Rights and Responsibilities a useful starting point, take this blank template and develop one from scratch.

To show the intended flexibility of the approach look at this simple bill - or social contract that was developed by 9 and 10 years olds for use in their class.