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Stage 1 - Seek a confirmation

After briefing, ask the second person to read the ISI declaration and to reflect, from their own perspective, on the following:

Do they share the initiator's vision that a design process would be useful?

What future vision do they have for the SE?

Would they feel a personal commitment to making an effort to achieve that vision?

Does the ISI Declaration capture for them the key issues in terms of core values and areas of commitment which ought to be addressed?

Could they sign up to it? As it stands? (unlikely), or with some modification and clarification? (more likely)

What statements need amending?, or need clarification?

Are there major omissions?

Is the language appropriate?

Arrange to meet your colleague to share ideas on a future vision for the SE and possible the redrafting of the declaration. Note questions to clarify during the development and incorporation Stages. Here's how this part of Stage progressed in other applications:

1. A Community Health Care NHS Trust - a team of trainers who worked with a healing group - chose to use "respect" rather than "compassion" in their Declaration

2. Translated into Italian as a Family Declaration of Interdependence and used by a facilitator to help a group of nursery teachers and assistants who had experienced very bad internal personal conflict. This required very careful handling and drawing out past problems was an important precursor.