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Stage 1 - Personal reflections

Here we begin to establish agreement to core values and ideals of the SE, what areas are really important and whether documentation would be useful.

I assume that you will be prepared to act as a champion for this approach within the SE. As the "initiator", you will need to initiate a process of cascading dialogue/ conversation/ workshops on these ideas with other colleagues. Start with some personal reflections:

Will others share your vision that such a process would be useful and desirable?

What core values and beliefs might be identified? Is there a reason for believing that there is a common set of shared values and beliefs?

Could this be expressed as a future vision of how the community should work together?

Would individuals in the community develop personal commitments to achieve that vision?

Will it be helpful to develop physical documents of this kind, or just to have a draft declaration (and in due course a draft bill of rights and responsibilities) as mechanisms for debate?

Now find at least one other person who you think might be positive about these questions.