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The College of Exploration is excited about hosting an online workshop for teachers, UNDERSTANDING TSUNAMIS - 2005, funded by the National Science Foundation.

The dates are April 22 - May 15. Registration began April 5 and is now closed.
see registration page. Please sign up for the reserve list to be contacted if this is offered again in the future.

Due to the recent devastating and tragic tsunami disaster, there is an urgent imperative to reach out to teachers and students and provide appropriate scientific information about this tsunami event. Teachers have an immediate need to understand the characteristics of this recent overwhelming natural disaster to address their students' questions and concerns.  This workshop will provide a direct link from scientists doing research on tsunami to the education community - so that they can share information about the causes, and scientific and health implications of this recent disaster and tsunamis in general.. See list of researchers.

The College of Exploration through NSF funding is conducting a three-week online professional development workshop for educators that focuses on the tsunami, providing timely and relevant information specific about this tsunami disaster. The overall goal of this workshop is to increase teachers' and students' awareness about tsunamis at a time when the tragedy has been impacting the world so dramatically and the topic has been a major news event. 

The workshop material will be delivered online in an asynchronous format, allowing participants to take part at times convenient for their schedule, and also allowing flexible participation across time zones, encouraging wide geographic nationwide and international participation. The workshop will be delivered online over the Internet in a private learning space, with the participants needing only a Web browser and private password.  This is a proven format developed and offered by the College of Exploration over the past ten years.

The workshop will be offered interactively for up to 750 formal and informal educators nationwide and internationally. We cannot offer read only access.
See Overview page for more details.

Graduate Credit
Participants can sign up to earn Graduate Credit will be offered through California State University at Fullerton.   See Graduate Credit page for more details.

PDU Certificate
Participants can sign up to earn PDU Certificate for TWO (2) PDUs, offered through College of Exploration. Reminder: It is up to participant to see if your school system accepts participation in "online workshop" as valid for recertification points. See PDU details here.

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