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Staff Only


Questions about the Understanding Tsunamis project, email:
Dr. Tina Bishop                 
Academic Director
College of Exploration
Email: tina@coexploration.net  

Questions about
Earning Credit, contact:
Lynn Whitley
Education Program Coordinator
Sea Grant Program,
University of Southern California, AHF 209
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0373
Phone: 213-740-1964
Fax: 213-740-5936
email: lwhitley@usc.edu

Questions about
Registration or PDU Certificate, contact:
Dorcas Brannock at the College of Exploration
Phone: 703 433 5760
Email: dorcas@coexploration.net

Once the workshop begins,
Website or Technical questions, email:
William Bragg at the College of Exploration
Email: drwpb3@coexploration.net

Questions about the
College of Exploration, contact:
Peter Tuddenham
Executive Director
Phone: 703 433 5760
Email: peter@coexploration.net

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