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The College of Exploration is offering a way for educators to earn valuable "credit" for their time spent in these online workshops: Professional Development Units (PDU) - which are based on 10 hours of academic activities or training = 1 PDU.
Note: PDU certificate is ONLY available to the FIRST 100 students who sign up for PDU.

Similar to the CEU, one (1) PDU is equal to ten (10) hours of participation in an organized, interactive education experience under qualified sponsorship, direction, and instruction.
For this 3-week workshop 2 PDUs will be available at a cost of $20 per unit = $40.

Important Notes:

  • It is up to you to find out if your school would accept this... we can verify your online hours and level of participation through our tracking-system. You are responsible for ascertaining whether or not they accept participation in an "online workshop" .
  • Upon completion, we will send you electronically a PDF certificate verifying your successful participation and fulfillment of requirements.
  • For participation in this online workshop and completing the requirements below, educators can earn 2 (TWO) "PDUs" through College of Exploration. That is, the student will be engaged in 20 hours worth of learning activities across 3-week workshop. It will be pass/fail (non-graded).

Earn PDU Certificate (2 PDUs): "Understanding Tsunamis Online Teacher Workshop"

>>>Registration LINK to PayPal (secure, encrypted, online payment/registration system)
(this link will be LIVE on WED April 20, 4:00pm EST) (ONLY $40 TOTAL for 2 PDUs)

Course Description: Educator participants interact online with research scientists who are presenting their research in various ocean science related topics. Classroom application of topics is emphasized. These scientists will "present" keynote lectures and be available for open dialogue with all participants

Overview: The workshop is open to all teachers looking for a way to increase awareness of TSUNAMIS.  Teacher resources will include access to research findings, lesson plans, links to news stories, magazine articles, video clips, and Internet links.

Contact for QUESTIONS?
Dorcas Brannock
Academic Administrator
College of Exploration
Phone: 703 433 5760

Online Supervisor of PDU
Dr. William Bragg

Requirements for Earning PDUs: (hours estimated across 3-week workshop)
The minimum total must be 20 hours. Attendance and participation will be verified using the monitoring and tracking system in our Caucus software. These hours are estimates as to how to spend your time.... you may choose more or less - but 20 hours is minimum.

1. Getting Started: [1.5 - 3 hours]

  • Introduce yourself and interact in the introduction items in "Reception" room
  • Read HELP DESK (info about the software/system)
  • Go to "PDU Room" to read over brief outline of expectations, etc.. and say HI in your OWN "item" in that room.
  • Look over all the workshop rooms and get a feel for navigation and other pertinent info, such as overviews of the rooms, and how things are organized.
  • Make sure you can use the tools and features of the system (e.g. post responses etc.)

2. Read, Participate (make comment, ask question, etc.), Explore in: [10-12 hours]

  • each of the keynotes sessions in "Keynotes" room
  • the featured sessions in the "Virtual Field Trip" room
  • explore links that presenter may share within their presentations
  • we understand that for some "reading" of keynotes may be done off-line after printing it - just make a note of your time spent in your own "space" in PDU room

3. Read and Explore in "Resources" room (resources, lesson plans, etc..): [ 8-10 hours]

  • resources and lesson plans in "Resource" room
  • explore as many as you can (hoping that you find resources that will be helpful to you and your students). 
  • we understand that for some "reading" of some website content or lesson plans may be done off-line after printing it - just make a note of your time spent in your own "space" in PDU room

4. Write brief "Reflective Essay" in your own item in PDU room: [1 hour]

  • What knowledge and insights you have gained
  • How useful these might be for your students - in applying things to your classroom.

4. Complete the Workshop Evaluation. The survey will be posted online and will include questions about the participants' individual learning as well as the workshop format, structure, and content. (30 min)

5. You will have our own "online space" to: Keep a LOG online (recording time-spent, and posting essay) ; and, interact with instructors if you have any questions. You could also use this to keep "notes" as to resources you particularly liked, etc..

Course Assessment:
Supervisor will ascertain that all requirements have been met as stated above

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