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NEW! Earn Professional Development Units (PDU) - see details

***Attention (Fri April 22, 8:00pm): We have reached the limit for grad credit!  Sorry - it filled up extremely fast. Students that just applied (earlier this evening) will be called and notified that "grad credit" is closed. Other participants who have been accepted will hear from the univeristy in 5 business days. So, registration is CLOSED (for the ability to earn graduate credit).

***The College of Exploration does offer TWO (2) Professional Development Units for $40 - see the PDU page on this website for details (the info is also in the workshop in PDU room).

In partnership with the University of Southern California Sea Grant and California State University at Fullerton (CSUF), graduate credit will be available at a cost of $50 per credit.
* Note: Graduate credit participation will be limited to 50 students.

For participation in this online workshop and completing the requirements below, educators can earn ONE GRADUATE CREDIT through CSUF. It will be a pass/fail (non-graded) graduate biology credit.

For Understanding Tsunamis Online Teacher Workshop:

Graduate Credit Registration page: (print it; fill it out; and fax or mail in):

--- Open Grad. Credit Registration page as WORD document

--- Open Grad. Credit Registration page as PDF document

*Please note that the registration form goes directly to CSUF, not to Lynn Whitley; therefore if necessary you can verify registration with CSUF (contact info is on Registration page).

Course Description: Educator participants interact online with research scientists who are presenting their research in various ocean science related topics. Classroom application of topics is emphasized. These scientists will "present" keynote lectures and be available for open dialogue with all participants

Overview: The workshop is open to all teachers looking for a way to increase awareness of TSUNAMIS.  Teacher resources will include access to research findings, lesson plans, links to news stories, magazine articles, video clips, and Internet links.

Lead instructor: Lynn Whitley

Lynn Whitley
Education Program Coordinator
Sea Grant Program,
University of Southern California, AHF 209
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0373
Phone: 213-740-1964
Fax: 213-740-5936


1. Read and Participate in all sessions. Join and read each of the keynotes sessions. Attendance will be verified using the monitoring feature of our Caucus software.

Read the presentations, and ask ask at least ONE question PER keynote speaker (in the appropriate discussion "item" for the corresponding keynote): 2 hours per week

Do a Keynote related activity  (for example: suggested activities that arise in the discussion; explore additional resources that are in the keynote or in the discussion area): 2 hours

2. Participate in other "rooms" (Resources, Lesson Plans, etc..).
   -Dialogue; share info and evaluation of resources, lesson plans, etc.. 2  hours per week
   -Explore web links: 1.5 hour per week

3. Answer the "Questions of the Week" in the graduate credit room; the questions will relate to the Keynote topics.

4. Demonstrate intended or actual classroom applications, by describing: A suggested lesson plan showing how to use the materials in the classroom;

5. Complete the Workshop Evaluation. The survey will be posted online and will include questions about the participants' individual learning as well as the workshop format, structure, and content.

COURSE ASSESSMENT: Instructor to ascertain that all requirements have been met as stated above

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