Project Ocean STEWARD 2000
Online Workshop for K-12 teachers Oct 9 - Nov 3, 2000

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Please help publicize this teacher workshop by printing out the flyer and posting it and/or distributing it. It will be updated closer the workshop dates. You can print it out one of three ways:

1. Go straight to an HTML version of the flyer and print it directly  Get HTML Version of the Flyer

 If  the HTML version does not print out easily or clearly on your printer then use one of these two versions:

2. The DjVu high resolution yet small size ( faster download) version that requires the DjVu viewer   Get the Dj Vu Version of the Flyer

3. The Adobe Acrobat PDF version  that requires the Adobe Reader   Get the Adobe PDF Version of the Flyer

Note that the DjVu version is only 95 KB while the PDF version is 4.8 Megs!! At 28.8 modem speed connection that is a difference in download time of between under a minute for the DjVu file to nearly 30 minutes for the pdf version