Project Ocean STEWARD 2000
Online Workshop for K-12 teachers Oct 9 - Nov 3, 2000

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Q. How will this online workshop work? Do I need to show up at a certain time?

       A. The Project Ocean Steward Online Workshop for Teachers will last for 4 weeks. An online workshop is modeled after traditional face-to-face workshops.. For example we may have  features such as speaker segments,  workshops, a cafe for informal chat and  networking, a web-library  with a  resource center, an interactive participant directory, an open  space forum where participants can create and facilitate their own discussion topics. All materials gathered and posted during The Project Ocean Steward Online Workshop for Teachers will remain accessible throughout the entire four week period.  All the material created and contributed will serve as a resource for the more learning programs in the future.   Features are scheduled  over a period of time such as days or a week, instead of hours to allow participants from all over the  globe time to access and respond. There will also be a Help Desk available at all times.

       Q. Who is organizing this and what experience do they have?

       A. This online workshop is being organized by
The National Geographic Society's Sustainable Seas Expedition, NOAA'a National Marine Sanctuary Program, University of Southern California Sea Grant, NASA and the College of Exploration. The Project Steward planning team is: Tina Bishop, Francesca Cava, Karen Dodson, Laura Francis, Julie Goodman, Phyllis Grifman, Judy Lemus, Andrea McCurdy, Jean Todisco, Peter Tuddenham, Lynn Whitley, Rebecca Young.  The workshop is funded in part by a grant from NASA to National Geographic's Sustainable Seas Expedition and is further supported by contributions and in-kind support from the partner organizations

       Q. The conference is planned from Monday October 9 through to Friday November 3rd. Can people join the online activities after the start date?
       A. Yes -but,  The workshop will be ongoing from day one...and...there will be  new topics, new presenters, new sessions, and new featured  all the way until the end. Plus, the full proceedings will be available onsite at all times. you will be able to catch up and join in a  discussion even if it started days or weeks ago. but it will require more time. We really would like everyone to be there for the whole time from the beginning.

       Q. Will I be able to introduce my own agenda?

       A. The main program area is programmed by us - the organizers. However the break out sessions and open space are completely participant driven conference space. For example an Open Space, is a large group meeting process. The way it works is that anyone may start a discussion anytime. Those that start a topic must be willing to facilitate and moderate that item to the end of that discussion. Experienced online facilitator mentors will be available if anyone worries about their ability to do this, however, there will be written guidelines available as well.

       Q. Will you use a variety of media such as Audio Conferencing, or Streaming Video?

       A. The main media used is asynchronous conferencing where someone starts a conversation   by posting in  writing and then everyone that arrives after the posting can respond. Posts are made in order of time posted so the result is much like a real dialogue. Discussion items are separated by subject and the person featured so it's automatically organized and archived as well. We will however be introducing other media such as real audio and possibly video streaming. Our software allows uploading of images and other media files, so basically anything you can do on the web you can do here!

       Q. What are some guidelines for appropriate participation in an online workshop?

       A. It's as simple as this: be thoughtful to other participants. We are building a community of  learners here. We expect many diverse perspectives, experiences, and insights. This will enrich our discussions and overall learning over the course of the Project Ocean Steward Online Workshop for Teachers.  Be yourself, share your knowledge, and have fun. The only thing that the your hosts will not accept is hostile and obscene language, but we're confident that participants will
use their good judgment and expect this environment to be friendly and supportive to everyone involved.

       Q. What if I am interested in this a topic,  but don't have a thorough background in Oceanography and haven't been involved before?

       A. Anyone who is interested in joining the efforts to learn more about the oceans and ocean data are encouraged to attend.

       Q. Who will be able to access The Project Ocean Steward Online Workshop for Teachers and see our  conversations?

       A. The Project Ocean Steward Online Workshop for Teachers takes place entirely in a password protected web site. You must apply through one of the partner organizations. Applications will be available soon. Only  those teachers that have logins and passwords will be allowed into the site.

       Q. For those who could not "attend" a particular presentation, will it be recorded somewhere  for playback?

       A. Because it is on the web over four weeks, participants have ample opportunity to "attend" any aspect of the program they want. This isn't realistic because so much content is developed  in the environment and you choose to participate in your specific areas of interest. But as a participant, you will have full archive and plenty of time after the event to go back and catch up on areas that you didn't have time to attend in the four weeks.

       Q. What is required in order to be able to participate?

       A. Time, commitment, energy and you will need a browser and access to the World Wide Web. The minimum browser required is Netscape 3.1 or Internet Explore 3.02 or higher. If  you use AOL, version 3.0 or higher