Large Group Decision Making

Organizations with members spread around the country and around the world are challenged more than ever to engage meaningfully, thoughtfully and truly collaboratively in reaching agreements and decisions. There is no easy and effective way for large groups across the country or the world to make collective decisions that everyone can agree on. Traveling to one place has always been the solution, but that is not always possible or desirable.

Over the years we have developed ways to use technology for groups to reach consensus and agreement on issues and topics of interest and concern. Our facilitators work with clients to develop strategies and technological support solutions to help large-scale groups make decisions.

We empower human engagement and activity, using multiple technologies such as surveys, videos, forums, and a variety of social media applications.

With group decision-making people feel empowered; they have ownership and commitment. If everyone feels involved and that their contribution is valued, there is collective ownership; team and organization spirit is improved.

The definition of engagement is “the act of sharing in the activities of a group,” or participation and joining.

In 2008 ocean educators, scientists and policy makers were concerned that very little ocean science was being taught in K-12 schools in the US. By participating in an online conference and several face-to-face meetings, a series of collective decisions were made that defined ocean literacy, determined seven fundamental principles and 44 supporting essential concepts.

We support large-scale engagement, collective decision-making, dialogue, and mapping to achieve results. We encourage different views, with pros and cons and strengths and weaknesses, sorting out priorities, seeking clarification and understanding of words and wording. We have focused on identifying key principles, big ideas, concepts and messages for the projects we have recently guided, with and for different audiences.

We encourage a mutual, open, semi-structured approach that also promotes equality in presentation.

If you get the process of making decisions with a large number of people right, it can be a truly empowering and inspiring experience. We have successfully accomplished this numerous times with impressive results.

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