College of Exploration

What We Do

Interactive Learning

We work with partners to produce highly interactive web-based learning. The subjects vary. Some are based on text books, others on historical subjects, and still others on contemporary and topical subjects. Many of our projects also include videos, quizzes, pdf documents, live webcasts and interactivity with a teacher.


Examples include:


HMS ChallengerHMS Challenger

This is part of a project to bring to life the work of the HMS Challenger, a British Royal Navy ship that set sail in 1875 on a four-year round-the-world voyage to study the ocean and possible routes for telecommunication cables. As part of the project we created a 3D visualization of the ship and a website to offer the opportunity for a virtual tour of the ship.


Dolphin IslandDolphin Island

Dr. Ellen Prager is an ocean scientist with a passion for communicating about science. She is also a children’s book author who created an fiction adventure book called Dolphin Island. We created a website to support the book.



My Submarine My Submarine

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Exploration has completed many explorations of the ocean and has many videos, pictures and blogs on their website. Their website is for adults; however, we created this website for kids to virtually explore the sites that have been visited by NOAA's OER missions.


Interactivity through conversation

Our preference is always to create opportunities for online conversations. We create a safe, secure environment that encourages sharing and learning together. This form of learning is also the basis of research we are conducting in partnership with colleagues at Michigan State University.