We have a number of articles in our library that make the scientific case for this project. If you are interested in reading these please let us know.  In the near future these will be available in our online library which you can enter by entering a username and password. Please contact us for more information. Examples of articles in the library are:

The Conceptual Basis of the Biomarker Approach
by M.H. Depledge ( facilitator) J.J. Amaral-Mendes, B. Daniel, R.S. Halbrook, P. Kloepper-sams, M.N. Moore and D.B. Peakall.

This article addresses (1)the concept of biomarker responses, (2) consideration in the use of biomarkers, and (3)  potential future uses of biomarkers.

Evaluation of changes in the adaptive physiology of shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) as an indicator of pollution in estuarine environments.
S.D. Bamber and M.H. Depledge

Ocean and Human Health - How the Health fo the Seas Affects our Well-being.
Spring 1999 Currents BBSR

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