2002 Training

Globalheartbeat Training at Bermuda Biological Station for Research 2002

Tony Knap, Shaw Bamber
BR: Richard Owen, Peter Tuddenham, Phyllis Grifman, Sharon Walker, Harriet Perry, Cesar Felice , Lenore White, Melissa Ryan Lynn Whitely
FR: Judy Lemus, Tina Bishop, Alessandra Sagasti , Jolene Crook, Dawn Kirk, David Malmquist, Lisa Lyle Wu      

Global Heartbeat in the Atlantic

Sixteen enthusiastic scientists and educators descended upon the serene island of Bermuda for a Global Heartbeat Training Workshop in August 2002.  The program was hosted at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, one of the founders of the Global Heartbeat.

They attended presentations on topics such as blue crab research in the Gulf of Mexico, the relationship between oceans and human health, and techniques used for the rapid assessment of marine pollution.  They toured the Bio Station's Aquaculture Lab (http://www.bbsr.edu/Studies_of_Bermuda_s_Air___Wat/aquaculture/aquacu lture.html) to learn about the rearing of calico and Bermuda scallops. Spiny Lobster


 Hands-on practice with the CAPMON system was also on the agenda, and for the first time, the system was used to monitor the heartbeat of a spiny lobster.


  Sally Lightfoot Crab

Participants also discovered how the beautiful but elusive Sally Lightfoot crabs scurrying along the Bermuda shores got their name.   These critters seemed to have been born with caffeine in their blood, and always managed to outcrawl, outhide and outrun the silly, net-waving humans who were after them. 

There were also opportunities for brainstorming sessions and reviewing the draft Global Heartbeat curriculum. Participants will continue to discuss their ideas for the program's development this fall in a special online meeting place on the Global Heartbeat website

Thanks to the following organizations who participated in the training:
Bermuda Biological Station for Research
The College of Exploration (Virginia)
Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo
Bermuda Institiute
University of Southern California Sea Grant
Universityof Maryland Biotechnology Institute - Center of Marine Biotechnology
East Lyme High School (Connecticut)
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (Virginia)
Center for Fisheries Research and Development - University of Southern Mississippi
J.L.Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium (Mississippi)
Missisippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortiu,
University of Plymouth (UK)
Virginia Insititute of Marine Science


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