Camp Introduction
Dory boat
River Ecology
Colin Powell

Dory Boat

Campers got to sail on the dory boat Potomac for a full day of exploring the center channel of the river.  There was water quality testing, trawling for fish and pulling a plankton tow.  Animals such as white perch, snails, and catfish filled their nets together with an abundance of different river grasses.  The river was full of life, despite a severe drought! Campers logged  all water quality information, and entered it into their journals and the lab computer back at the seaport center. .

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Campers set the plankton net off the dory boat, hoping to catch floating river life, such as larval fish.

The last event of the camp was a fishing derby where campers rowed out to fish from their skiffs.  There were reports of many large fish hooked that broke their lines. Who knows what giant fish may lurk at the bottom of the river? Though campers learned much about potomac river life, there is still much to be explored.

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