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Oceans for Life

Oceans For Life virtual teacher workshop April 16 - 28 2007

About Oceans for Life

Oceans for Life is funded by the National Geographic Education Foundation to promote ocean literacy and the awareness that all life on Earth depends on the Ocean.

A Virtual Workshop

A virtual workshop is the opportunity to have most of the experience of a face to face workshop only do it all online on your own time. One day at a face to face meeting is replaced with one week online.

Oceans For Life Virtual Teacher Workshop Series

The purpose of these workshops is to inspire teachers and to bring the excitement of ocean research and discovery into the classroom.  Our workshops invite you to meet and discuss today's most compelling topics with world-class scientists and provide you with the tools and context to make these topics a part of your curricula. 

This 2-week workshop is free, open 24 hours a day to encourage participation around the world, and can also be completed for graduate credit for $90.00.  All participants receive access to free online videos, lesson plans, expert Power Point presentations, a photo gallery and much more.  Join us to share ideas, exchange best teaching practices, promote ocean literacy and so much more!

This workshop is linked to articles in April's copy of the National Geographic Magazine.

Meet the Scientists
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Tokyo Fish Market, courtesy of Carl Safina

“Empty Oceans? – Celebrate Earth Day!"
Preview workshop topic

From April 16 – 28 we will explore the future of our oceans in two parts:
April 16 – 20:  Meet Dr. Carl Safina.  Scientists predict a crash in all life in the oceans by 2050 – is this possible?
April 23 – 27:  Meet Mr. Greg Marshall.  What are we doing to safeguard the future of our oceans?
Dr. Michael Libbee, Director of the Michigan Geographic Alliance, will join us for the entire workshop to demonstrate how to make these topics an important part of your curricula, with new classroom applications and extensions.

“Empty Oceans?” is a collaborative project between the National Geographic Society, the University of Southern California Sea Grant Program and The College of Exploration