The College of Exploration has ten years experience with the interplay and intersection of technology and learning. The staff and faculty have broad and extensive education and experience in pedagogy, learning technology and assessment and evaluation of programs, projects and courses.

College of Exploration staff and faculty have worked with and or evaluated programs of:

- The Global School House
- National Wildlife Federation
- Thinkquest
- The Jason Project
-  Learning Logic
-  Department of Defense Dependent\s Schools
-  Rocky Mountain College
-  Frederick Community College
-  Universirty of Maryland Professional Development Program
-  Bermuda Biological Station for Research K-12 programs
-Florida International University Teacher Professional Development
- National Geographic and NOAA Sustainable Seas Expeditions
- Kalamazoo High Schools
- Southampton Oceanographic Centre
- Miami Dade School District
- USC Sea Grant

PTI participants
Wingate and teachers

Participants in an online learning program

Exploring Bermuda's Ecosystems

TCOE offers a spectrum of support services for developing your learning environment according to your needs. Support can be minimal, such as through simply creating and maintaining an online learning space, or it can consist of full content resource development, including obtaining subject matter experts and curriculum materials and performing assessment and evaluation.

We use a modular approach to design, with work distributed and coordinated among ourselves, the client and other third-party providers.  A suggested model is represented in our modular design graphic.

Some of our most recent projects have involved us in the provision of 3 main support areas:

Workshops and Courses
Evaluation and Assessment
Collaborative Web Sites

          Full Range of Activities

The full range of activites offered by TCOE to assist in the development of your online learning environment are listed below:

Program Design
Performing needs analysis, requirements analysis and overall design approach
Strategic Planning
Determining program content, audience, faculty, guests

Program Development
Developing the program/course by gathering materials, resources, files, photos and video and audio clips to establish a foundation of learning resources
Setting up the Web environment by creating the Web site and pages to meet your particular situation and needs

Technical Support
System setup and technical support
Providing course registration and student tracking

Offering training for the online facilitators, faculty, guest lecturers and presenters

Marketing for the program, course or event, including Web-based marketing

Program Implementation
Delivering the program, course, workshop or event
Facilitating the program, course, workshop or event
Summarizing the activity in the learning environment and providing regular updates

Evaluating the learning environment according to specified desired criteria
Project Management
Academic participation with graduate credit through the University of Maryland

Services Provided

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