Oceanic Islands  by Patrick D. Nunn

This more advanced text is a thorough account of the geography, geology and oceanography of 17 ocean islands. This text is a general reference for any of our courses on global climate change and exploring ocean communities.

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Our Changing Planet  by Fred and Judy MacKenzie

A systems view of global change and climate effects. Order Here Now

Bermuda  - Insight Guide

This is one of the textbooks for the Exploring Global Communities Courses.  A great dicussion of the History, People, Features, and Places of Bermuda.

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Stewardship - Choosing Service over Self Interest

This book is about running organizations. However the issues discussed are of vital importance to us as we learn more about the complexities, interdependencies and  fragility of our world. Topics discussed include  shared governance, partnership,  distributing ownership and responsiblity, exchange of purpose,balancing power and joint accountability.

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