Sustainable Seas Expedition of National Geographic:   Coral Reef Online Workshop for Teachers, Jul-August and October 2001  Emphasis on coral reef conservation

 Global Heartbeat
Are you concerned and interested in the health of the coastal waters? Does your school, aquarium or student science program want to participate in an innovative ecotoxicological monitoring program? Sign Up Global Heartbeat is a crab heartbeat monitoring program to assess water pollution, geared toward science learning in Grades K-12. Support for first phase of the Global Heartbeat Program, sponsored by NOAA Sea Grant Office (University of Southern CA), will begin in April 2001

NEW Project Initiative - Join us in building a program to study the history of oceanography. Join us in our efforts to recreate the original HMS Challenger expedition. We are looking for financial and material support.

Current Projects


Online conference for Department of Defense Education Activity technology coordinators and other educators (January and February 2001). An ongoing  planning workshop for technology implementation and technology standards for their school system.

Ocean Envoys Project for Educators for NASA-JPL. A series of three online workshops to prepare educators to be NASA Ocean Envoys. January 2001, March 2001 and October 2001.

  CoralCam on Bermuda's Coral Reefs:
  BBSR and CoExploration Partnership. This website  has been a featured on StudyWeb as one of the best educational resources on the Web.


Past Projects

Online Workshops

 Project Ocean Steward - Online Expedition and Teacher Workshop October 2000-National Geographic Society's Sustainable Seas Expeditions, NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries Program, NASA, & USC Sea Grant Project Ocean STEWARD (Students and Teachers Empowered With Access to Real Data) With Sustainable Seas Expedition of National Geographic; hosted a month-long (October 2000) online workshop for 328 educators, entitled Project Ocean STEWARD. Purpose was to gain an understanding of ocean topics  and marine sanctuaries

Tech 21 Hosted an online conference for Department of Defense Education Activity technology coordinators and other educators (September 2000) for planning for technology implementation and technology standards for their school system

Exploring Ocean Data
 Under a National Science Foundation grant, working in partnership with the Bermuda Biological Station for Research, offered a month long online workshop for teachers entitled  (May 2000).  Fifty teachers, including a core group from Miami-Dade Public Schools interacted with scientists from Bermuda to learn about oceanography and share ideas and lesson plans for using ocean data in the classroom.

 NASA-JPL Water and the Solar System

Online Workshop NASA-JPL(11-99)--250 teachers worldwide participated in an online workshop, in which they interacted with NASA scientists and teacher colleagues for a month in a private web-based conference area.

To HAB and HAB not

NOAA USC Sea Grant (11-99) Harmful Algal Blooms Workshop for Teachers and General Public -100  participants.  In addition there was an online forum for scientists in preparation for this teacher workshop (April 1999)

NOAA USC Sea Grant ¨ NOAA USC Sea Grant (3-98) El Niņo Workshop-75 participants interacted online for five weeks with scientists and educators from around the world.

      ¨ Coral Reef Camera web-based curriculum materials and associated teacher face to face training workshop (6-99) with Bermuda Biological Station for Research

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