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The College of Exploration's New Challenger Project uses the inspiration of the original H.M.S. Challenger voyage as a catalyst for educational programs. A summary of the start of this work is on the future voyages page here.

The original Challenger expedition which lasted 1000 days and covered over 68,000 natuical miles (>127,000 km) was an amazing ocean adventure.  It was the first true oceanographic expedition and was accorded enormous significance, yielding a wealth of information about marine life and identifying many new organisms.  In addition, the Challenger reports provided a rich picture of the flora and fauna and cultures of the lands they visited.  There was also a focus on photography, a relatively new science at the time and on scientific drawing.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the pictures as well as the background images were adapted from The Voyage of the Challenger (1974) by E. Linklater produced by George Rainbird, Ltd.  We are currently obtaining copyright permission from the publisher.  We are using them only for educational purposes.





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