Piilot Benefits

In general this project will support awareness and education about ocean health, coastal environmental  issues, and human health implications. There is currently limited emphasis in the National Science Standards and in curriculum requirements on these topics, thus this project will help address this need.


University undergraduates will have the opportunity serve as leaders and mentors in testing and developing a research program for high school students.

High school Students

Students will be engaged in authentic, hands-on inquiry-based scientific methods relevant to their  local community

Students will gain greater appreciation of the oceans and coastal environments and a clearer understanding of the connections between ocean health and the health of living organisms.

 Students will learn about the environmental problems of urban oceans.


Will gain an understanding of how to make their research more meaningful for other audiences and how to support students' learning about environmental issues and procedures.

Will have additional data points for their crab heartbeat monitoring research

General public

The publicly available Web site, bulletin board and associated resources will present information and an opportunity for interactive exchange with scientists.

Sea Grant Program and Centers of Learning

A research network for schools, Sea Grant educators, and aquariums will be promoted.  USC Sea Grant and GlobalHeartbeat will develop a model for a physiological monitoring research program that could be used in high schools around the country.  USC Sea Grant and the Wrigley Institute would serve as the initial training center for educators and outreach professionals at other Sea Grant programs and public education institutions.  Using the Sea Grant network of 30 colleges and institutions, training centers could be established around the country that will assist schools, public aquariums and other learning centers to initiate their own monitoring program.

Local CA Issues linked to Wider Global Issues of Urban Oceans and Coastal Pollution

Through local studies looking at the coastal pollution issues of the urban ocean on the CA coast near Los  Angeles, a model will emerge that can be used for global study of urban oceans.


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