The Coral Camera

Throughout 1998 and 1999 plans advanced for placing the camera on the reef.  However putting the camera on the reef permanently was too cutting edge at the time. Ten miles off shore on a reef with solar panels in an area where hurricanes and storms occur was wildly ambitious. On the following pages we tell the story and provide some stunning pictures and valuable information on Bermuda's corals.  

To see taped video of the reef go to our web video page.

What are the features of the Coral Camera?

What are the other Scientific Instruments that are being used in conjunction with the Camera?

How did the Camera get Installed on the Reef
Come follow the story of the installation of the coral camera.  Understand the issues and challenges of where to put the camera and how to install it.  Through our pictorial journey, you will follow us step by step as we go through the installation process.

The Coral Cam Team
This web site and the coral cam installation have been a team effort.

How the Camera is Maintained - In preparation
Join the Coral Cam Team as it faces the challenges of maintaining delicate and expensive camera equipment and scientific instruments in a sometimes threatening ocean environment.