Web Video

This is our video page. To view the videos on this page you will need to download and install the Real Media Player if it is not already installed on your computer.  You can obtain a free player from Real Networks.  The video is suitable for viewing with a 28.8 modem or any higher speed.

1.  Dr. Robbie Smith and two students prepare and complete a video transect of the reef (2 minutes 42 seconds)

2.  Video clips of a transect of the Bermuda reef,  narrated by Dr. Robbie Smith.  You can view the complete narrated clip with all four segments (2.07 minutes)   or view them separately:

3.  The complete 20 minute transect can be used by teachers and students to practice observation skills and to identify the issues described by Dr. Robbie Smith in the video clips. View the entire transect - no commentary (20 minutes)