The Coral Cam Team

Putting together this web site and installing the Internet's first underwater, remotely operated camera on the coral reef is a team effort requiring skills from many people.  The project is a collaboration between the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) and the College of Exploration and is primarily funded by the Richard & Rhoda Goldman Foundation. 

Dr. Fred Lipschultz heads the effort at BBSR.  He coordinates the installation of the camera and development of the scientific content of the website.  Dr. Lipschultz supervises the research of several of the students and teaches Coral Reef Ecology and Marine Ecology courses at BBSR. Several of the graduate students who work on coral reef ecology write some of the pages and maintain their homepage here.  

Peter Tuddenham and Tina Bishop work at the College of Exploration.  Dr. Bishop assists with the creation of the Web site curriculum materials and resources to meet the needs of teachers and students. She serves as a liaison with schools and other educational institutions. She also supports the development of the online learning environment for teacher professional development.   Mr. Tuddenham has contributed to the overall design of the project and the web site. He is a principal architect of the online learning environment.