Tropical Cloud Forest Course
with Dr. Jason Bradford  Feb. 7-Mar. 4, 2005

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PowerPoint Demo

We will be using some technology, called “Show and Tell“ for this course that we hope makes your experience more engaging and improves acquisition of content.

Presentations will be delivered in PowerPoint, and two versions will be available. The “standard” version will simply require an internet browser, such as Netscape or Explorer, and consist of slides with notes.  In the Show and Tell version, slides and notes will be accompanied by the presenter’s voice.  To see how this works, to compare formats, and to learn more about what the course will cover, use the links below. The Show and Tell links can also test whether your system is compatible with the technology. If not, you will be directed to download necessary free software, either RealOne (this is the newest version of Real Player) or Windows Media. All demos open in a new browser window and this page will remain on your screen in the background. 

The Show and Tell presentation may open with a small window, but this can be enlarged by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of the window. The image quality of the slides in the Show and Tell version is not as high as in the standard version, but this is necessary for downloading to be fast enough to syncronize with audio. If you want high resolution slide images you may view the standard version with Internet Explorer. The standard version viewed with Netscape Navigator has lower resolution, but may work better if your internet connection is slow.  If you have any problems viewing the presentation with one browser, try another.  The standard version is self-paced. The slides in the Show and Tell version will change in sync with the audio, but the presentation can be controlled somewhat with pause, stop, play and forward/backward buttons.

Show and Tell course Demo


Windows Media

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