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Short Cycle Assessment in the Classroom


A one-credit course

Sponsored by the College of Exploration partnered with Ashland University, College of Education

DATES: Coming Fall 2014

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Howard Walters

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4. If you want earn 1, 2 or 3 hours of graduate credit from Ashland University you must register and pay them separately. Details are below.


This workshop will begin by familiarizing participants with an easy-to-use template for analyzing research articles for use in classroom and education planning. From this beginning, participants will learn a sequential series of procedures—taught in layman’s terms, with simplified math and careful explanations—to collect pre- and post-assessment data in classroom settings. Lectures and work modules will cover the basics of statistical analysis, providing participants with easy to follow and replicate steps to quantify and explain student learning in their own classrooms and teaching settings.

Dr. Howard Walters is a widely recognized educational program evaluator and Professor of Research at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. He has designed and implemented hundreds of educational assessment projects over the past 25 years for projects funded by: NSF, NOAA, The National Geographic, NASA, and numerous university systems.

The basic course fee is $150. If graduate credit is desired the additional cost will be $175 per credit hour (for 1,2, or 3 credit hours) to be paid to Ashland University for 1-3 semester credit hour. If professional development points equivalent to that of one graduate credits are desired then see professional development points section for more information.

Additional graduate credit fee:
In addition to the $150 College of Exploration fee, if you would like to obtain one graduate credit through Ashland University, there will be an additional charge of $175 per credit hour for 1-3 hours.

TOTAL $175 (1 hr), $350 (2 hrs), or $525 (3 hrs) payable to Ashland University.

Ashland University Courses

CEUs are available, instead of graduate credit, at a cost of $45 for the entire workshop (4.5 CEU units) payable to Ashland University.

Biography of Dr. Howard Walters, Online Instructor, The College of Exploration, and Professor, Schar College of Education, Ashland University:
Dr. Howard Walters is a Professor of Education and Research at Ashland University, regularly teaching in the Schar College of Education (Science Methods, Statistical Analysis, Cultural Analysis, Critical Theory), the Dauch College of Business and Economics (Statistics), and the Honors College (Critical Social Theory). His teaching and research fields include human and global cultural analysis, critical theory, science instructional methods, statistical analysis and research theory.

Walters is the author/co-author of two books, several book chapters, and over 100 published research papers and technical reports. He has designed and implemented educational evaluation and assessment projects for NSF (COSEE Great Lakes, Women and Girls in Science and Engineering, Great Lakes CIAP), NOAA (multiple BWET projects, NOAA-Ocean Exploration, NOAA-NERRS projects), CORE (the National Ocean Sciences Bowl longitudinal evaluation project) and many other programs and projects.

Course Description:
Using video lectures and instructional presentations, select readings and self-paced and self-directed individualized instructional projects, participants will be lead through a basic introduction to statistical analysis in layman’s terms, to a point where the participant will feel confident and comfortable obtaining pre- and post-test scores in a classroom setting to monitor short-cycle changes in student learning based on group interventions, teaching strategies, and instructional changes. Additionally, participants will learn to use a question template to analyze complex research papers, to identify ideas useful for improving classroom instruction. The course or workshop is designed to be highly individualized, self-paced, and with direct feedback from the instructor. For interested participants who complete all 11 of the modules, the workshop fully meets the syllabus requirements for a first year, graduate course in educational statistics and a syllabus will be provided for students interested in requesting transfer credit to their home institutions.

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