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About TCOE

About the College of Exploration

The College of Exploration (TCOE) is an education research non-profit (IRS 501c3) with offices in Virginia and Washington in the US and in Dorset in the UK.  It has a 15 year history in online learning - designing, developing, delivering and evaluating web-based educational programs, workshops, courses, events and collaborative learning environments for learners of all ages, with a particular emphasis on prospective and practicing teachers in the sciences. TCOE focuses on learning opportunities that are interdisciplinary and that encourage immediate real-world application in the lives of participants. It supports communities of practice in the several geosciences, crossing space and time boundaries with web-based technologies. A team of external and internal evaluators evaluates each of TCOE’s learning programs.

Since it has provided process and technical support for the development of most of these geoscience literacy frameworks, TCOE has a unique perspective on their development. In the last ten years it has also gained considerable national and international expertise in facilitating web-based workshops that support in-depth conversations among educators and working scientists/researchers on important geoscience topics. These workshops have been of enormous value to educators working in K-12, 4-year institutions and community colleges.

Main website: http://www.coexploration.org