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Last Day -- Thanks to all!

Item 8  05-APR-1998 19:09 Phyllis Grifman (pgrifman)

It seems like the workshop is ending so soon!  I hope everyone who participated enjoyed the workshop and learned some new things -- I certainly did!  

I would like to thank all who participated, and especially our keynote speakers, Jorge Vasquez, Don Chambers, Jim O'Brien, and Mark Eakin.  They spent a lot of time, and gave a lot of thought, to helping us understand El Nino, its causes and impacts, and the complex scientific systems that contribute to our knowledge base.  It's even more interesting to look at the data now that I understand better how it is derived and what it can -- and can't -- tell us.  

I want to thank all of our breakout session chairs too -- Tony Michaels and Ann Close from the USC Wrigley Institute, Jeanine Mauch for her information on marine mammals, Lesley Ewing of the Calif. Coastal Commission for her insights on coastal hazards, Sandra Dunstan-Hoover for the interesting cross-curriculum session on storm stories and myths, Ron Crouse from Hatfield Marine Science Center for his very interesting session, Rick Baker and the folks at the Orange County Marine Institute for contributing some great curriculum content and ideas, and my colleague Sue Yoder for some great information on the broad subject of biological impacts.  

I want to thank all of you who participated as well.  You are the ones who make or break a workshop like this, and I think in this case, you made it!   I want to encourage all of you to keep in touch with us at Sea Grant, and  to give us your suggestions for our marine education program.  Please write us at and let us keep you informed about what we're doing.  We'd love to work with you all again!  

I want to thank, most of all, Tina Bishop and Peter Tuddenham of the College of Exploration and Metasystems Design Network, and the great crew of programmers that made all of this really work.  

Finally, thanks to Lynn Whitley, our Education Coordinator at Sea Grant, Judy Doino Lemus, and our great intern Heather LoBue, who all worked tirelessly behind the scenes to contact scientists, promote the workshop and work on all those etceteras you never think about til someone is doing them.

8:1) 06-APR-1998 10:55 Peter Tuddenham (peter)

Phyllis, thank you too from us for making this all possible. And you have eloquently expressed our sentiments to our four keynote speakers for a series of great guides through some fairly complex material. Our workshop facilitators all contributed in unique ways, thank you all.  

We are now closing this to participation in a formal sense.  

The College Classroom will remain open for all teachers to share and pariticpate.  

The Community Cafe too will stay open for awhile for anyone who would like to.  

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