Evolution in the
Marine Environment

November 1-19, 2010

Dive Into Teaching Evolution!
Expand your knowledge and collect great ideas for teaching about evolution with a free 3-week online workshop offered by COSEE-West and the College of Exploration.


Dr. Patrick Krug
California State University,
Los Angeles

Dr. Krug
Dr. Krug is a scientist, educator, and an engaging presenter who enjoys sharing the excitement and challenges of investigating evolutionary processes. He studies the evolutionary ecology of dispersal strategies for marine animals and ecological speciation in the sea, and teaches courses on biology, marine invertebrate zoology, and evolution.
Presentations by Dr. Krug

Week One
fiddler crab
Evolutionary Biology: A story of thinkers, adventurers, and the history of life on earth
An overview and introduction to basic evolutionary principles, drawing examples from marine systems as he addresses the scope and depth of the topic that is the unifying principle of modern biology.
Lecture available Fri Oct 29, 5pm Pacific
Interaction: Nov 1-5

Week Two
Fish caught in net
Evolution and Fisheries Management:
Gone fishing or fishing gone?

Explore the influence of artificial selection from fisheries practices and the potential impacts on the world’s fisheries.
Lecture Sat Nov 6 - live lecture, 11am Pacific:
---online using Elluminate Live!,
---in-person at UCLA
(then archived online for the workshop)
Interaction: Nov 8-12

Week Three
Sperm Behavior: A key to the past and future of the Californian abalone
Dr. Krug has done extensive research on abalone reproduction and will share his findings on evolution in action in the marine environment.
Lecture available Fri Nov 12, 5pm Pacific
Interaction: Nov 15-19

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Dr. Krug will share cutting edge research on evolution. The workshop provides content on evolution, resources, lesson plans (aligned to CA state science standards) and discussion rooms. Dr. Krug will provide three lectures (description left). He and his graduate students will answer questions online, weekdays.

This online workshop is FREE and available 24-7. Log on anytime to see the lectures, investigate the resources, ask questions, and try out activities. Each week we’ll post a new presentation and resources, and you can join discussions throughout the workshop.

Professional Development Credit is optional. You can choose to earn professional development credit for the course from California State University, Fullerton for $100.00. It is NOT "Graduate Credit."
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