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 Places & Map
 Main Gate
 Virtual Reception
 BATS Data Lab
 Scott Lab
 Faculty Room
 Bulletin Board
 Virtual Research Station Places and Map

Here  is a site map of the whole Virtual Research Station for Research for Teachers and Schools. This is a java script. It may take awhile to load. If you do not have a java enabled browser you will not be able to view the map. When you click on the site map icon, a separate map box will open. By moving your mouse over the map the names of the various places, activities, people and calendar will show up.

You can proceed directly to a page by double clicking on the indicated page.

The main “places” here on this virtual research station are:

  • Main gate
  • Reception
  • BATS Data Lab
  • Sunderman Room
  • Scott Lab
  • Redfield Resources Building
  • Library
  • Porch
  • Faculty Room
  • Lounge
  • Weatherbird Research Vessel
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