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The meeting was videotaped and is available on Real Media.  You will need Real Media software to view each clip.  This software can be downloaded free from the web at  

9:00 Introduction VCRT,

Welcome--Dr. Anthony Knap, BBSR
Opening Remarks--Dr. Kenneth Olden, Director NIEHS, Environmental Health IOC/UNESCO interests--Dr. Umit Unluata, Head, Ocean Sciences Section IOC/UNESCO Conference Overview-- Dr. William Suk Director, Office of Program Development  NIEHS, Environmental Health

9.30 Health Overview--Dr. Eric Dewailly International Center for Ocean and  Human Health VCRT, Video , Part II:  VCRT, Video

10:00 Health of the Ocean Panel--Dr. Anthony Knap VCRT, Video

Session 1 - Ocean/Health Interactions

11:00 Seafood Consumption of the World--Dr. David James VCRT, Video

11.30 Mitigating Seafood Risk--Dr. Robert Bowen VCRT, Video    Powerpoint

1:30 Bio-Prospecting & Pharmaceuticals From the Sea --Dr. Hank Trapido-RosenthalVCRT, Video

2:00 Water borne Pathogens--Dr. Linda Duguay VCRT, Video

2:30 Marine Toxins:  An Overview--Dr. Dan BadenVCRT, Video

3:00 Marine Toxins:  Health Aspects--Dr. Lora Fleming VCRT, Video

4:00 Climate Change and Ocean Health--Dr. Ben Sherman VCRT, Video

4:30 Ecosystem Health the Nature of Biomarkers--Dr. Michael Depledge
Video ,  Part II:   VCRT, Video

5:00 Working Group output discussion--Dr. Knap/Dr. Dewailly


Session 2 - Indicators of Ocean and Human Health

9:00 Environmental Health Indicator Theory
                                --Dr. Chris Furgal VCRT,
Video     Powerpoint

9:30 HOTO Ecosystem Indicators--Dr. Robert Bowen VCRT, Video

Session 3 - Regional Profiles New Bedford Harbor

10:00 New Bedford Harbour Overview
                               --Dr. Tim Ford VCRT,
Video     Powerpoint

11:00 Bioavailability--Dr. Jim Shine VCRT, Video    Powerpoint

11:30 Health Risk Assessment
                                --Dr. Donna Vorhees VCRT,
Video     Powerpoint

Session 4 - Regional Profiles Arctic

1:00 AMAP Program and Greenland--Dr. Peter Bjerregaard VCRT, Video

1:30 Alaska--Dr. Jim Berner VCRT, Video

2:00 Faroe Islands and Methyl Mercury--Dr. Pal Weihe VCRT, Video ,
Part II:  VCRT,

2:30 Arctic Canada Dr. Eric Dewailly VCRT, Video

Session 5 Tropical Issues

3:30 Cholera Distribution in Coastal Populations--Dr. Andrew Collins VCRT, Video,
Part II:  VCRT,

4:00 Contamination Issues in Mexico
                               --Dr. Alfonso Botello VCRT,
Video      Powerpoint

4:30 Caribbean Health--Dr. Joth Singh VCRT, Video

5:00 Discussion


VCRT, Video

9:00 Charge to working groups--Dr. Knap/Dr. Dewailly
10:45 Health Working Group--Dr. Dewailly/Dr. Fleming
Environment Working Group--Dr. Knap/Dr. Suk
1:00 Health Working Group--Dr. Dewailly/Dr. Fleming
Environment Working Group--Dr. Knap/Dr. Suk
3:15 Working Groups continue


9:00 Working groups present findings

10:00 Integration of Health and Environments

10:45 Recommendations and Actions

12:00 Conference closes    

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