BATS Resources

Voyage of the Mimi  A video series created by an M.I.T. professor.  It includes a drama series and a documentary series of fifteen episodes each.  Each episode is 15 minutes long, and they discuss a wide range of sailing facts, ocean facts, and marine life facts.  It is based on a crew of researchers who venture out into the oceans to study whales and/or other marine life.  Along their voyage they teach the viewers about sailing, recording marine data, marine biology, oceanography, etc.  This video series also comes with an instructional manual that includes several lesson plans, and activities directly related to the videos that also encompass a wide range of subject areas.

"Something Fishy"

"Something Fishy" is a lesson plan for high school students which explores fish anatomy and its relationship to the ocean environment.  The activities force the learner to explore the adaptations that fish and other anatomy have to make in order to survive in their ocean environment.

This web site is an extensive list of various institutions and organizations that deal with Oceanography and Marine Biology.  It is a great resource for finding local, national, and international organizations and projects that deal with these subjects.

This site is a list of Oceanographic and Marine Biology research and information centers and projects that are going on throughout the world.  Some links include, "The Center for Marine Studies," and "Coral Reefs and Mangroves: Modeling Management."

Oceanography Lesson Plans for Students

This site includes lesson plans on Seaweed and Algae, Whale Migrations, Migration Patterns of turtles, and even ocean morse code.  The lesson plans are mostly geared toward middle school science classes. 

"Ask Jake the Sea Dog" 

"Ask Jake the Sea Dog," is a question-answering and referral service that contains accurate information about marine science.  The site also includes previously asked questions and answers, links to other sites, and a list of reading books that deal with Marine Biology.  This site can be used for children as well as adults.


International Year of the Ocean- Kids' and Teachers' Resources

Offers several different activities and resources for kids about marine life. It includes a list of 25 things you can do to save coral reefs!

Ocean Potions

This page lists excellent marine education resources for teachers and students for grades K-8.