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Classroom BATS Partners

Classroom BATS is an NSF-funded project designed to help educators effectively use web-based ocean resources in their curriculum developments and teaching.

seacreatureClassroom BATS
takes its name from
the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study,
a program of the
Bermuda Biological
Station for Research (BBSR). Scientists in this program set sail every month to study the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the ocean near Bermuda, with a focus on the oceans role in global environmental change.

Classroom BATS links BBSR scientists and data with prospective science teachers in the College of Education at Florida International University. This link is mediated via a virtual campus run by The College of   

The goal of Classroom BATS is to create an
on-line learning
environment that allows science teachers to use
real ocean data to
conduct inquiry-based learning in their grade 6-12 classrooms. The lesson plans created by Classroom BATS partners are shared with teachers everywhere.