The College of Exploration (TCOE): Bridging Worlds

The College of Exploration stands out as a dynamic boundary organization. Since its inception in 1991, TCOE has been dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation of our planet through innovative educational programs. This global learning network not only supports educators but also engages scientists, business leaders, and policymakers, creating a fertile ground for collaborative exploration and growth.

1. Ubiquitous Networked Learning Environments

TCOE excels in creating online platforms that connect learners across the globe. These environments are not just about disseminating information but are designed to foster collaborative learning and co-creation of knowledge.

2. Professional and Organizational Development

With a focus on strategic planning and organizational development, TCOE assists institutions in adapting to the changing educational landscape, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in both thought and practice.

3. Linking Science with Education and Business

TCOE serves as a conduit between scientific research, educational communities and business. By translating complex scientific data into accessible content, TCOE helps educators and the public engage with cutting-edge scientific discoveries and understand their relevance.

4. Program Evaluation and Educational Research

Through meticulous evaluation and research, TCOE ensures that educational programs not only meet the current needs but also anticipate future challenges and opportunities in environmental and earth sciences.

5. Media Production and Curriculum Development

TCOE’s expertise in media production and curriculum development allows for the creation of engaging and informative content that enhances learning experiences across various subjects, particularly in geosciences.

6. TCOE as a Boundary Organization

In today’s interconnected world, boundary organizations are pivotal entities that facilitate collaboration and information sharing between different spheres such as science, education, and policy-making. By operating at the intersection of these fields, boundary organizations help translate complex scientific information into actionable knowledge, enabling diverse groups to engage in informed decision-making and innovative practices.

7. Integrating Systems Thinking and Management Cybernetics

TCOE integrates principles of management cybernetics and systems thinking into its approach, helping organizations manage complexity more effectively. By viewing educational systems as complex, adaptive systems, TCOE applies cybernetic principles to improve communication, feedback, and system control processes within educational environments. This approach facilitates a more adaptive and responsive educational ecosystem, capable of thriving in the face of changing global needs and emerging scientific insights.

8. Complexity Management

In the realm of complexity management, TCOE focuses navigating and simplifying complex educational and organizational challenges. By embracing complexity, TCOE develops strategies that enhance the systemic resilience and adaptability of educational and organizational programs. This ensures that business and  learning systems are not only robust but also flexible enough to evolve as new challenges and opportunities arise.

Why Partner with TCOE?

Strategic Collaboration

Organizations that partner with TCOE gain access to a wealth of expertise in educational program development, strategic planning, and evaluation. TCOE’s collaborative approach ensures that partners’ goals are deeply understood and integrated into tailored programs that speak directly to their needs.

Expanded Reach

Working with TCOE opens doors to a global network of educators, scientists, and industry leaders, expanding an organization’s reach and impact in the educational sector and beyond.

Innovation and Creativity

TCOE encourages a spirit of exploration and open-ended discovery, which is essential for innovation. Partners benefit from this creative approach, exploring new opportunities and harnessing serendipitous moments that lead to success.


The College of Exploration is more than just an educational not for profit; it is collegium providing a vital bridge between diverse knowledge domains and a leader in applying systems thinking and management cybernetics in education. For educators, scientists, and business leaders looking to expand their horizons and impact, partnering with TCOE offers a unique opportunity to explore, learn, and innovate together. As we look toward the future, the potential for new partnerships and collaborative endeavors continues to grow, promising exciting new frontiers in education and beyond.