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The TCOE LVA NOAA - Learning Community


The TCOE LVA NOAA project is a designed to build a community of practice for Literacy Volunteers, their students, NOAA Facilities and personnel, and members of the College of Exploration.


Project Abstract

This project will align activities to the Essential Principles of Climate and Ocean Science in an outdoor, experiential setting utilizing cutting edge technology, targeting a new, untapped audience: illiterate immigrant, minority individuals who are limited English proficient (LEP). The project will address under-represented English as a Second Language (ESL) populations served by Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA) – Monroe County, Inc. and literacy providers in their nationwide network. In collaboration with The College of Exploration, LVA will develop and implement this two year pilot project which will be initially home based in Southeast Florida, designed so in future years (three through five) it can be offered as a national model. The project goals are for ESL learners to use digital photo cameras, waterproof underwater HD cameras and GPS technologies  to geo-locate, explore, observe, record, display and tell stories in English as well as their native language both in words, photos and short HD video  clip sequences.  Stories will be about the exploration of places like the National Marine Sanctuaries and other areas of the country and coasts where there are scientific observation and monitoring opportunities created and supported by NOAA partners.  All stories will be geo located and linked from maps on the web.  Program participants will be encouraged to create a version of their creative efforts in their native language and encourage wider participation in the learning of English and the utilization of NOAA resources. The College of Exploration (TCOE) will support this project with its learning platform comprised of a number of learning systems, video streaming servers, concept map servers, and secure social networking systems that enables private and public blogs, communities, groups, news feeds, RSS feeds, photo galleries, video streaming and a range of other web 2.0 technologies. Targeted populations will improve environmental, ocean, climate and English literacy simultaneously


Project Leaders

College of Exploration
Literacy Volunteers of America Monroe County
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Supportive Partners

Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML)
Southeast Fisheries Science Center(SEFSC)
Florida Literacy Coalition
Key West Citizen
Pigeon Key Foundation
Pro Literacy America
REEF Foundation
Volunteers for Adult Literacy in Florida (VALF)

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This project is funded by a grant from NOAA's Office of Education. Read the press release.