Heidi's Bermuda Adventure

"Kiskadee,kiskadee" . . . . this was the sound that first welcomed me toBermuda and that I continued to hear throughout my visit, sometimes whenI did not want to (like at 6 am right outside my window!) However, I wasdelighted when I finally saw the bird from which this sound was emanating.As I explored Bermuda I heard more sounds, including the serenade of thetiny tree frogs, and saw many sights. I was intoxicated by the wildlifeof Bermuda.

Welcome to "Heidi's BermudaAdventure"! I am a teacher at TheMadeira School in McLean, VA. I teach Biology and Environmental Science.This summer, I had the opportunity to go to Bermuda for eight days to studythe ecology, geology, history, and culture of this series of 180 namedislands and islets. Bermuda, a self-governing colony of the United Kingdom,is located in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 700 miles off the coastof North Carolina, U.S.A. This Web site is designed to give readers a littletaste of what I learned in Bermuda. I will focus on environmental issues,particularly the effect of introduced species on native species.

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