Why Explore?

All life on Earth relies on the ocean — yet, the ocean is 95 percent unexplored, unknown and unseen by human eyes.

To understand, manage and protect the ocean and its resources, NOAA believes it is critical to support a systematic program of ocean exploration, using the best of ocean technology to explore, discover, inform, educate, and motivate.

The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is a new and valuable asset with great potential to help us understand more about the largely unknown ocean.

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer

NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer
America’s Ship for Ocean Exploration. Image credit: NOAA.

Online Professional Development Offering

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“Why Do We Explore?”
Online Professional Development

June 21 - July 2, 2010
(Same workshop as Oct. 5-16, 2009)

Join us for the second in a series of educator professional development opportunities focused around NOAA’s new ship, the Okeanos Explorer.

Ocean explorers and education facilitators will work with participants to delve into the benefits of ocean exploration targeting climate change, energy, human health and ocean health. Interact with ocean explorers, converse and share classroom applications with other educators, and find a wealth of multimedia resources. We will introduce the first in a series of Leader’s Guides for Classroom Explorers Why Do We Explore?, associated exploration lessons and hands-on activities.

Feb 2011 Update: Please note that several presentations and discussions refer to a "Leader's Guide" and an "Initial Inquiry Lesson." These are no longer part of the "Why Do We Explore?" collection, as their content has been included in the lesson, "To Boldly Go."

Scientific presenters include:

Dr. Charles Fisher
Professor of Biology
Eberly College of Science at The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Shirley A. Pomponi
Executive Director
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution at Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Edith Widder
Co-Founder and President
Ocean Research and Conservation Association (ORCA)

This professional development event is free for all participants and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An optional free Certificate of Completion is available to reflect 10 hours of Professional Development. Details will be available during the event.

Educators will have the option to receive one graduate credit ($100) from California State University at Fullerton.
Syllabus - CLICK HERE for syllabus as PDF and Registration for Graduate Credit - CLICK HERE for registration as PDF.
(Registration Due Date - extended to June 24!)