Proposed Agenda

Week 1: Introduction to Oceanography
                - Dr Debbie Steinberg, BBSR

Week2:   Introduction to BATS Ocean Data 
                - Dr David Malmquist, BBSR

Week3:  Using the Ocean Explorer Data in your Lesson Plans

The Speakers
Dr Deborah Steinberg
Dr. Deborah Steinberg is a research scientist at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) and coordinator of the Bermuda Atlantic Time Series (BATS) program. BATS is part of a large interdisciplinary and international program (Joint Global Ocean Flux Study, JGOFS) whose purpose is to understand the role of the oceans in large-scale processes of global change, especially their role in affecting greenhouse gases such as CO2. Dr. Steinberg's current research in biological oceanography focuses on zooplankton vertical migration, chemical defenses in plankton, and marine snow communities. Dr.Steinberg is also extensively involved in BBSR education programs, as a coordinator of BBSR's Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, instructor for a Biological Oceanography course, and lecturer for the Elderhostel program. In 1998, Dr. Steinberg served as a host researcher and mentor scientist for the JASON Project.

Dr David Malmquist:
Dr. David Malmquist is a research scientist at the Bermuda Biological Station for Research (BBSR) and Science Communications Manager of BBSR's Risk Prediction Initiative (RPI). His professional background is in science communication and the study of ancient climates, with a Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Dr. Malmquist is actively involved in the education program at BBSR. He is a coordinator for the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program, an instructor for Climate Hazards and Global Change courses, and a lecturer for the Elderhostel and Coral Camp programs. Dr. Malmquist arrived at BBSR in July 1995. He has previously worked as an Earth Sciences instructor at the University of California, a science journalist with the Dallas Morning News, and as a designer of educational science software with Computer Curriculum Corporation. .

Gail Scowcroft and Cheryl Schroeder,
University of Rhode Island
Gail Scowcroft and Cheryl Schroeder are marine educators at the Universityof Rhode Island with over 30 years of oceanographic research between them.  Gail and Cheryl presently conduct many professional development and educational programs for teachers. They currently are developing an inner city Marine Science Academy, grades K-5, where they are educating the faculty and guiding them in the development and implementation of an interdisciplinary marine science curriculum. Their combined experience in oceanography, marine geology, and marine biology along with their expertise in science education pedagogy will support this workshop's goals by helping the participants incorporate BATS data and activities into their classrooms.

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