Peter D. Tuddenham  President/Executive Director

Peter has over 25 years experience working for  4 Fortune 500 companies as a senior manager of strategy, communications, learning and systems and networks.  Peter studied learning systems design at Saybrook and as guest faculty at the U.S. Army War College. He has a BS from Regis College, Denver. .

Kristina O Bishop, EdD 
Vice President and Academic Director

Tina has worked in education and business since 1983. She has significant experience with companies contracted  to the US Government and with educational programs for teachers and schools. Tina has an MBA and EdD  from Virginia Tech, an MA in Measurement and Statistics from the University of Maryland and BA in Psychology from Ithaca College.

William Bragg PhD

William's PhD was a dual specialization on Instructional Technology and Research and Evaluation Methodology. He studied programs offered by the College of Exploration and his dissertation was entitled ``Constructivisit Learning and Web-based Computer Conferencing.  He has a M.Ed in Educational Leadership and BS in Elementary Education. William is a former elementary school teacher.

Virginia Little Ph.D 

Virginia has been designing and leading online learning communities for the past 5 years. She has successfully built a sustained community of learners "education for the arts" and  21 Beat Street.  Her dissertation topic was centered on Transformative Learning and Learning and Change in Human Systems enabled with technology with an emphasis on empowering evaluation processes in online learning.

Melissa Ryan    MS     Curriculum Specialist

Melissa has more than ten years of experience in marine research, environmental education, and environmental policy.  She specializes in environmental science curriculum development.  Melissa has a B.S. in Marine Science from the University of Connecticut, and a Master's degree in Natural Health from Clayton College of Natural Health.  She lives in Connecticut, where she works at a distance with the College of Exploration.


Dirk Flinthart MA,  Faculty

Dirk lives in Tasmania, Australia and is a faculty member who lives at a distance but works extremely attentively and one-on-one with students on our online virtual campus. Dirk has an MA in English and is completing his Ph.D in online learning and creativity.

Kathryn Houston  BSc
Online Systems Manager

Kathryn has managed the online activites of the College of Exploration since 1998 She has experience implementing systems and databases for a variety of computer systems for government and small business. She has worked for Fairfax County as an instructor on personal computer systems. Kathryn has a BS in Business.

Linda May Scott BS
Network Adminsitrator

Linda is the network adminsitrator for the College of Exploration. She has 4 years experience as an analyst programmer and 2 years as a software support engineer.  She has a BS in Computer Information Systems.


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