August 1998, National Marine Educators Association,
El Nino Online Workshop for Teachers
Power Point Presentation in collaboration with NOAA's Sea Grant Office at USC

June 1998, National Educating Computing Conferences,
Lessons Learned from Evaluating Technology Projects around the Globe
Results of three years of evaluation of educational technology and Web-based courses and programs were presented.

April 1997, Distance Education and Training Council Conferences,
How DETC Members Can Reap the Benefits of the World Wide Web
This presentation explored ways that higher education institutions can incorporate the Web, including course delivery, marketing, and evaluation.

June 1992, Multimedia Conferencing as a Way to Continue the Dialogue after the Earth Summit.
Under sponsorship of IBM, presented a workshop at the Global Forum of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro. The presentation discussed ways to incorporate computer conferencing for virtual meetings and learning programs.


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