Past Workshops and Programs with Partners

  NSF Funded Classroom BATS  BBSR-FIU-CoExploration partnership to help teachers learn better ways to use ocean data in the classroom Exploring Ocean Data -(May 8-26, 2000)-Using CBATS data, scientists demonstrated ways of bringing ocean data into the classroom.

  NOAA USC Sea Grant Online Workshop: To HAB and HAB Not (Dec 99)   Exploring issues about west coast harmful algal blooms for the education, media, and business communities

  NASA-JPL Water and  the Solar System Online Workshop (Oct 25-Nov 19, 1999) Helping educators appreciate water, in all its forms and functions throughout the solar system and develop useful classroom resources

Ocean and Human Health Workshops (May and November  99): Recent focus of BBSR and CoExploration partnership. New Web Llibrary featuring video from conference

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