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CoExploration is working with University of Southern California Sea Grant program of NOAA  to offer seminars and workshops on timely environmental issues.CoExploration offered an online workshop about El Nino in 1998 and is planning a workshop about harmful algal blooms in September 1999

We are developing a three-phased online learning program related to West Coast harmful algal blooms.

-Phase 1: January 1999--A planning prep room for key Sea Grant personnel to design the forum and workshop
-Phase 2: March 1999---An online forum for scientists to discuss issues related to HABs and to develop agenda and curriculum for the online workshop.
-Phase 3: September 1999--An online workshop for students, educators, media, and business people to learn about harmful algal blooms on the West Coastof the US.


Learn more about the planned programs at the HABS Web site

The El Nino Online Workshop for Educators (1998)

CoExploration offered in conjunction with NOAA's USC Sea Grant Institutional Program and the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies a month-long distance learning workshop about the El Nino phenomenon. This workshop was conducted primarily on the World Wide Web, and the participants were educators from around the world.

Participants learned about El Niņo from experts and a variety of Web resource materials, they also enhanced their knowledge of technology through the process of using the Web.

Here is a powerpoint presentation describing this event.

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