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A web-workshop for teachers and prospective teachers
March - 5 April 1998

The El Niño phenomenon has and will continue to cause major shifts in all facets of living this winter and beyond.  Effects of El Niño usually last two to five years.  Everything from fishing and surfing to the roofing industry has already experienced impacts from its effects.  El Niño's occurence this year provides a wonderful educational opportunity for learners of all ages to learn about system relationships and global environmental change.  

The USC Sea Grant Program and the College of Exploration will implement a distance learning workshop during March 1998 on the World Wide Web for teachers about the El Niño phenomenon.  During this workshop participants will learn about El Niño through presentations and online seminars from experts and a variety of Web resource materials as well as enhance their knowledge of technology through the process of using the web. Educators, teachers and potential teachers will be able to take advantage of the knowledge of these experts who will be present online to share their information and views on El Niño.  Cross-curriculum implications can be seen for geography, science, math and statistics, and economics

Emphasis in this workshop will be on how to effectively obtain and understand the relevance of information available on the WWW.  Included will be techniques for utilizing this information  in the classroom.  Topics to be explored include:
the El Niño cycle, weather changes, wildlife deviations, and economic impact.

The workshop will be offered asynchronously on the web, thus allowing teachers to participate at their convenience during the workshop period.  Teachers will be able to obtain graduate credit for their participation in the workshop through criteria established to ascertain successful workshop completion.

For more information and to sign up go to:
email questions to
System requirement...netscape or internet explorer  3.0 or above
Costs  $30 for the workshop. The one graduate credit will cost an extra $65-$150 depending on the institution granting the credit (CSULB or UMd).

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