CoExploration has worked closely with the Department of Defense Dependents Schools for the last three years. Projects have primarily involved the evaluation of technology-based programs and the development of teacher professional development courses.


Presidential Technology Initiative
Lester Electronic School
Learning Logic
Project-Based Learning Course

Presidential Technology Initiative (1997)

CoExploration has worked closely with Presidential Technology Initiative (PTI) staff at Department of Defense Dependents Schools to provide an online learning space for teachers and administrators in PTI.

The Presidential Technology Initiative is a project funded by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) to develop effective courseware in critical need areas in the K-12 environment. It was established in response to the President's challenge, (January 1996) to the nation to develop effective courseware in all subject areas and to provide every teacher with the professional development they need to help students use and learn through technology. The goal of the PTI project is to develop and implement effective strategies for curriculum and technology integration.

We have completed four major tasks in support of PTI. The tasks were completed under the main project: to develop a Web-based Internet curriculum integration course. This course was developed and implemented through an online learning environment called the PTI Online Conference Center which CoExploration staff created and maintained.

The tasks were:

  1. Explore the learning needs of the PTI test bed sites.
  2. Develop specifications for the Internet curriculum integration course.
  3. Produce and deliver the course.
  4. Provide evaluation to enable further development and support.


Evaluation of DoDDS JASON Project

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) has been conducting the JASON Project in its schools since 1994. The College of Exploration completed an evaluation of the JASON project from April to December 1996. The JASON project, sponsored by the JASON Foundation, provides live satellite links to classrooms from scientific researchers working in remote areas. In addition to the students viewing the broadcasts of these science expeditions, they also are involved in specially-created JASON curriculum activities and local field work. Key educational components of the JASON project are distance learning technologies combined with innovative curriculum, community partnerships, and teacher professional development.

Lester Middle School Electronic School Evaluation Project (1996-19997)

CoExploration assessed the results of the computing and networking technology installation of Lester Middle School and creation of the DoDDS Electronic School. The team looked at the outcomes related to curriculum integration, use of technology, and lessons learned over the three years of implementation in the school.

The team looked at the electronic school as a learning organization--to see the value added from a pioneering effort to create a networked learning environment. DoDDS also wanted to get a sense of the evolution of the electronic school as technology and its use and application evolved.


Learning Logic Evaluation Project (1996-1997)

Learning Logic is an interactive mathematics program, used to teach Algebra.  The program was created by the National Science Center Foundation.  Students using the Learning Logic program are instructed in traditional Algebra with coaching support through software.  CoExploration performed an evaluation of Learning Logic within the DoDDS system to ascertain the benefits and drawbacks of the program. The evaluation examined the learning and curriculum outcomes, behavioral and attitudinal changes, and the use of technology in the classroom

Project-Based Learning and Technology Integration into Curriculum Graduate Course (1997)

CoExploration assisted in teaching an onsite course about project-based learning and technology integration in curriculum for DoDDS teachers in the summer of  1997 and then offered an online three-credit follow-up course in the fall of 1997.

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