The College  of Exploration continues its rich tradition of providing  professionals in the field of education with outstanding courseswork to  help them in their quest for self-improvement. Clearly, the impact on  the professional development of educators translates into a direct impact  on student learning. The dedicated and experienced staff here at our  online campus helps facilitate: Community, Collaboration, Communication,  & Collegiality. We call it "C-Learning" - a truly  enlightened approach to professional development issues!

The 2001 Spring-Summer PDP focuses  on the following issues, skills, & areas:

* Technology issues related to the transformation of schools  & school systems.

* Technology & writing skills to help educators present, share,  inquire, & innovate.

* Co-exploration of global communities, linking variety of themes  across content areas.

* Building collegial communities and usable websites for educators of  same subjects.

Series  I

Technology, Education, &  Transformation: Issues in a Networked World

Series  II

Exploring Global Communities:  Interdisciplinary Themes

Series  III

Technology Skills: Improving Skills in  Presentation and Utility Programs

Series  IV

Writing Form & Technique: Developing  Effective Communication and Presentation Skills

Series  V

Online Education: Developing Successful  Web-Based Learning Environments

Series  VI

Developing Community: Using the Web for  Research, Collaboration, and Collegiality

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Spring-Summer Series