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Teacher Professional Development Modular Courses
Exploring Ocean Communities with Technology: Bermuda

Come join fellow teachers in a virtual classroom to explore the fascinating land, people, and sea of Bermuda!   If your school is participating in the JASON project come and get ideas for how to implement JASON concepts and activities into your curriculum!

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Dates: February 1998 through  May  1998   (upto 3 credits available---optional)
The College of Exploration is offering three one month modules on topics concerning Bermuda.  The three modules are:

Island Ecology and Geology - February
Coral Reef Communities - March
Oceans and Climate Change - April

This sequence is our second in a series of courses that explore worldwide communities.  While the focus will be on Bermuda, comparison among  other ocean communities as well as your local environment will be included.

Take one module or sign-up for all three.  All work will take place in a virtual classroom on the World Wide Web in a virtual classroom.  The course will combine online activity with reading materials, videos, and audio segments and practical applications. Participants may earn graduate credits or recertification points through this program.

Objectives:  Participants in this course have the opportunity to:

  • appreciate  Bermuda's geography, natural habitat, and oceans
  • understand Bermuda's ecology
  • develop networks with other teachers from around the world
  • increase their knowledge in oceanography, and environmental studies
  • demonstrate and learn how Web-based distance learning can enrich education projects
  • develop projects, activities, and resources to use in the classroom
  • prepare for the JASON program in your school

Each module will consist of:

  • Readings
    Assigned texts for the module
    Articles and Web-based resources available online and shared by participants
    Answering questions about the readings
  • Video, audio and/or text presentations
    Online video, audio or text and graphics presentations. You will need the free, downloadable,
    Real Player to view some of these
  • Online Seminar Discussions - Asynchronous
    Everyone participating in the module will be a part of an online discussion seminar in a ``module room" on our
    virtual campus. This is an asynchronous place - you can participate at times convenient to you. You will be expected to answer three key curriculum related questions.
  • Online Chat Sessions
    There will be regularily scheduled chat session when you will have the opportunity to meet guest speakers and others participating in the module.
  • Module Activities
    To complete the module and be eligible for one graduate credit one of the following pragmatic applications must be demonstrated: 
    A. A suggested lesson plan on how to use the materials in the classroom
    B. A reflection piece on the content and/or process of the module
    C. An annotated bibliography of resources or web links to be shared with others


Each one month module costs $50.  If you want to complete the module for one graduate credit the fee is $200.  It is possible to complete additional work on the topic of one module for an additional two graduate credits.

Text, video and audio materials will be available online for downloading. Hard copies of text and copies of video and audio materials can be mailed for the cost of copying and mailing. Textbooks for modules can be purchased from our bookstore.

Graduate Credit

Graduate credits are granted by the University of Maryland system.

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