CoExploration has partnered with the Bermuda Biological Station for Research Station on several distance learning projects:

Joint Partnership with Florida International University

Coral Camera Web-site

Collaborative projects

BBSR and Florida International University
Joint Partnership Project

Classroom BATS (Bermuda Atlantic Time Series) is a National Science Foundation-funded program which is designed to help educators effectively use web-based ocean resources in their curriculum development and teaching. Classroom BATS links BBSR scientists and data with prospective science teachers in the College of Education at Florida International University. This link is mediated via a virtual campus run by CoExploration. The goal of Classroom BATS is to create an on-line learning environment that allows science teachers to use real ocean data to conduct inquiry-based learning in their grades 6-12 classrooms.

Coral Camera and Coral Web site project

The Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund provided a grant to the Bermuda Biological Station for Research to work with CoExploration. Together we will develop Web-based curriculum resources on coral reefs using a Web-based camera that will be placed on the coral reefs of Bermuda. The camera is the keystone of a reef education program that emphasizes the importance of corals on a global scale through interactive, Web-based learning. The Web site provides extensive information about Bermuda's coral reefs.


Nonsuch Island is one of the islands of Bermuda.  Dr. David Wingate, Environmental Officer for Bermuda, has devoted his life to restoring Nonsuch to as near to the condition it was in before colonisation in the 1600's.  We have hosted an onsite course that included the study of Nonsuch.

We have several resources that maybe of interest to anyone interested in the story of Nonsuch and the challenges of island habitats.

Heidi's  Project on Nonsuch Island


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