Readings and Assignments due


 and Notes

Weeks 1-3

Overview of Assessment:

Pedagogy and Standards

Textbook:Handbook of Classroom Instruction

Read Chapters 1-7 and 15, 16,17

Participate online to get to know classmates and course structure

DUE: Week 3

1. Answer questions related to the readings and one question related to the pros and cons of students self-assessment

2. find one web site related to a topic in the readings and post it to share

3. Begin research and design thinking for your project


Week 4

Standardized Testing

Read Chapter 9

DUE  Week 4

Answer one question on standardized testing

Post detailed outline of project on personal  web space


Weeks 5,6,7

Assessment of Classroom Learning: New Techniques

READ Topics/curriculum areas in Chapters 10-12 that reflect your interest in alternative assessment, e.g. pp 304-309, 337,339,341

DUE Week 7

Phase One of the Project.  Research and collect materials about your proposed topic.  These may include case studies, web sites, articles. Summarize these resources and post your on-line bibliography

Answer question about alternative assessment techniques


Week 8


DUE Week 8

Phase Two of the Project.  Design an assessment method related to your chosen topic or curriculum area. Provide a detailed plan for how it could be implemented in in the classroom

Peer Review and discussion of each others' projects

course evaluation and wrap-up.


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