CoExploration  is offering this eight week course as the first in a series of courses that focus on assessment issues and methods for the educator.  Topics covered include: assessment theories and issues, standardized assessment, authentic and curriculum-based assessment, portfolios and other alternative assessment methods, and standards.   The course will be conducted entirely at a distance, using Internet technologies and e-mail. Course instruction will take place in a virtual classroom via the World Wide Web.  The course will combine on-line activity with reading materials and project development.  Participants may earn graduate credits or recertification points through this program.

        Purpose:  Participants will have the opportunity to develop networks with educators from around the world to discuss salient assessment issues and develop practical assessment solutions for their classroom. The aim also is to have the participants use the Web for research on assessment topics and for collaboration and sharing of ideas and information. The course is designed to engage the student in effective self-directed learning.

        Objectives:   Participants in this course will:

        • gain an understanding of important pedagogical issues related to student assessment
        • learn more about standardized assessment
        • develop authentic, curriculum-based activities for the classroom that are related to specific content areas
        • explore alternative assessment techniques, especially portfolio assessment
        • examine National Standards and classroom standards
        • evaluation and  meta-assessment

Course Requirements:

                                        Readings: 25% of grade

          • Handbook of Classroom Assessment  Edited by Gary D. Phye, Academic Press, 1997
          • Other articles and Web-based resources shared by participants
          • Responding to questions related to the reading   

           Participation On-Line:     25% of grade

          Active dialogue online (at least weekly) is an integral part of course participation. Course participants work jointly to construct an online learning community, to share resources, and to discuss issues.

             Course Project-Two Phases   50% of grade

        Phase 1: Selecting an area of assessment  to explore, creating a database of resources related to the topic, summarizing these findings, and posting them on-line.

        Phase 2: Designing an assessment method for the classroom based on the chosen research topic. Developing an implementation plan and evaluation technique for the proposed assessment method.

        Participation in the Course:.  Teachers must have familiarity with, and access, to the World Wide Web in order to participate. The course tuition costs $800.

                                For more information please send e-mail to  Tina Bishop

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